“The biggest risk a man can ever take is to take no risk at all”
~ Talmadge Heyward

Seven years ago while directing a film in Key West, Talmadge, the award winning photographer and filmmaker, had a catastrophic accident that not only threatened to end his passionate career of photography and film, but also his life. He was left physically challenged and unable to walk in chronic pain, but he refused to allow the word “no” into his vocabulary. With sheer will, determination, 13 hospitals, 42 doctors, 17 surgeries and months and months of painful therapy he emerged with his indefatigable spirit in tact. Talmadge beat the odds and is proud to open wide the doors to The House of Talmadge (aka HOT), his new photography, film, television, web and full media production house.t1_small With a promise in his pocket, he owes his current success to those who have lent their indispensable help to him: the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Dept., Tom Mayne, Patricia Harrison, Jonathan Cruce and Ginny Hughes. He has a passion to prove that the Uniquely Abled can create film and imagery that will make the world take notice. The House of Talmadge is tapping into the creative pipeline that has been long ignored, but has been screaming to have a voice.

The House of Talmadge (HOT), is a cutting edge and out of the box first of it’s kind production company in which the majority of the creative team is Uniquely Abled. Before the accident, Talmadge worked painstakingly to show the world something new. He created positive images of the LGBT community with portraits of couples and families. He then went on to produce films and television spots that changed the views of the world and questioned the status quo. Talmadge worked with corporationst4_small such as Absolut, Pepsi, Captain Morgan and Getty Stock Images that propelled him to shooting magazine covers, branding of corporations, and promoting tourism in various countries.

The House of Talmadge (HOT) is already setting trends and putting a face on a vast array of communities including the Uniquely Abled, Veterans, Hispanics and LGBT folks.

The House of Talmadge (HOT) is going to be the company to watch, and Talmadge is the man to follow. As he states in the HOT mission: “If you want someone to believe something different, you have to show them something different.”

Find out more about Talmadge’s journey, his life with chronic pain, his daily diary and his lectures on Life, Love, Looks, Joy, and Pain.