Over ten years ago The HOUSE OF TALMADGE, under the umbrella of Talmadge Studio, began to work with various Tourism Departments of Countries, Cities, Travel Internet companies and travel agencies, to prove that if they would designate part of these monies, development innovative marketing campaigns targeting the diversity market. This included the LGBT market, the African American Market, and the Hispanic Market. Knowing these markets were being ignored, by designating these monies they would not only increase their visibility to these markets, but increase the visitors to their destinations, thus bring in millions of dollars in tourism revenue. Everyone has and will always be competing for those tourism dollars, and the HOUSE OF TALMADGE, through research knew these destinations and countries were losing out on these dollars. They were not catering to the Travel Agencies or other travel outlets also to help promote.

We began developing campaigns that were innovative, cutting edge and inviting, thus causing the travel market to take notice of these markets. These campaigns included web, video, television commercials, print and incentive based events and contest. Tourist numbers rose, hotel and restaurant profits increased, and the overall infrastructure of these destinations became more inviting. In no time the House of Talmadge began to work with the Internet Web sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity and the other large travel sites, and created campaigns which included travel incentives, and increased the numbers of visitors to these sites. This had a major effect on airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and attractions, they realized that if they did not change their marketing strategies, became inviting and user friendly, and up their sponsorship of diversity events they would miss out on these travel dollars.



In today’s market, attracting these tourism dollars is highly competitive. The average family, individual and even groups have only such many dollars to spend on vacations and basic holiday travel. So everyone is competing for the same dollar. Countries and specific destinations are pouring millions into advertising without targeting specific markets and specific groups of people, and the trickle down effect is staggering. Hotels are closing, destinations are forced into lowering their prices and profits are decreasing.

We at The HOUSE OF TALMADGE can not only offer a solution, but also develop and implement a sizzling, exciting, and inviting campaign that will have people dreaming and saving to visit your destination. Integrating Social Media campaigns and developing partners with Airlines, Travel Internet Sites, and Cruise Lines, along with Hotels, and Travel Agencies are just the beginning. We prove that we can increase tourism to your destination while assisting you in designating your tourism budget in the most profitable areas.

We have worked with Costa Rica, Toronto, Iceland, Ireland, London, New Zealand, and cities such as Key West, New York, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Toronto. We have also worked with Cunard, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Iceland Air and American Airlines, and the list continues.

Contact us today at, and let us discuss how we may create a mind-blowing campaign for your company or destination. From being highlighted on a television show, magazine or the hottest spot in the world on Social Media. We are The HOUSE OF TALMADGE, your travel marketing expert.